About – Media Monopoly Group


robot_sketchThe Media Monopoly Group is your first and last stop for creative brand development and marketing strategies. We specialize in 360° of media branding, artist development, artist management, brand management, web site development and a host of other media services personally designed to build brand awareness and consumer loyalty.


Our unique approach to projects through rigorous analysis and research helps us carefully define strategy before addressing the visual execution. Analyzing the competition to find opportunities for differentiation brings important touch points to attention that can help build a strategy your audience understands and interacts with.

We clearly articulate core values for your brand through uncomplicated reasoning and visual language. This lets our research stake a claim that’s relevant and differentiating for the target audience. Simple language is combined with an uncomplicated methodology for naming, positioning, messaging and all other aspects of the brand vision. Proper positioning ensures credibility, sustainable and focused results.

Our team seamlessly transitions strategy to execution and delivers the promise through the brand experience. Whether through permanent brand materials, promotional advertising, marketing, public relations or even entire interactive systems, your brand outreach will be emotionally tied to the research which promises unique and effective connection to your target audience.